Frequently asked questions

  • What do you do with the data you collect?

    Short answer: Nothing 😚

    Detailled answer: We receive only the data mandatory to start the Secret Santa: the list of users and usergroups in your organization. Once the private messages have been sent, we forget everything! In fact, we do not even have a database 😮

  • Can I make sure someone will be matched or not matched with someone else?

    No, the association is purely random so you cannot do that with our application. An alternative could be to launch 2 Secret Santa with two groups of people.

  • Can I add a new participant once messages have been sent?

    No, you can't. However, you can still start a new Secret Santa. We advice you to add a note in the message mentioning that this new draw cancel and replace the old one.

  • How can I add my company / organization to your Hall of Fame?

    Simply drop us an email at with the name, url and logo of the entity you want to add. It's free but if you want to tweet or share our app to the world, you are more than welcome.

  • Will the app work with team larger than 500 people?

    There is a 2 things to understand here. The first step in our application is to retrieve all the users on your Slack workspace / Discord server - yes we retrieve all the users to allow you to select the ones that will participate to your Secret Santa.

    When your team is really big, Slack or Discord APIs can fail to send us all the users in a reasonable duration. That means you will no be able to start a Secret Santa. A possible workaround would be to create a new Slack workspace / Discord server with only the participants.

    The second step is to dispatch a private message to all the selected users. Even if you started a Secret Santa with a lot of participants, the application will send all the messages progressively. So there should not be any problem here.

  • Why did someone receive @invalid-user as the person to gift?

    This is due to a known bug of the Discord Android application. The workaround is to open the conversation on the Discord desktop app (for Windows, MacOS or Linux) or on the website.